Chicken Satay and Lemongrass Rice

A huge Thank you to my friend, Jillian Fenton, on such a fabulous recipe! Thanks for sharing!! Both Jillian and I are starting to cook using 100% pure grade essential oils and man do they make a HUGE difference to the taste of food! Jillian shared this fantastic recipe with me and I just had to post it! Jillian and I only use Young Living Essential Oils when cooking base on their 100% Pure Grade. This recipe calls for Lemongrass in the rice and it really enhances the taste!

This is a Gluten Free dish. 

A note from Jillian..."As many of you may know I have recently started using Essential Oils and have become hooked. With my love of cooking and baking I have started experimenting with utilizing essential oils in my meals.  If you are interested in seeing more of my recipes using essential oils please message me at [email protected]. Also, you can purchase Lemongrass oil and other essential oils through me, as well!

Below is a super easy recipe for weeknight cooking that is packed with flavor.  Enjoy!!"

Chicken Satay Ingredients

3 chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) cut in half lengthwise
2 T Sesame Oil
2 T low sodium soy sauce (you can use Gluten Free)
1T Rice vinegar
1t Sriracha
1T Creamy peanut butter
1/2t minced garlic

  • Whisk all marinade ingredients together and add chicken.  Ensure all of the chicken is coated and let marinade for 30 min.
  • Place on grill until fully cooked.

Cilantro Lemongrass Rice Ingredients
2 Cups Light Coconut Milk (can use just water as well)
1 Cup Basmati rice
5-10 drops of Young Living Lemongrass Essential oil depending on depth of flavor you like
Handful of Cilantro chopped

  • Place Coconut milk in saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Add rice cover reduce heat to simmer for 20 min
  • Add drops of Lemongrass oil and cilantro


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