Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Recipe | Low Calorie Slimming Friendly Fakeaway Recipe

A super simple sticky Teriyaki chicken that's easy to make, low calorie and delicious!

Sometimes after a busy day at work, cooking is the last thing on your mind. That's where my easy to prepare, tasty recipes come in!

This one is absolutely delicious, and ready in under 30 minutes. It's a great chicken recipe that the whole family will love!

I really love any kind of Asian inspired recipe, especially any sticky meat recipe. 

If you love this, you'll love my other Fakeaway Recipes too!

Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Recipe low calorie chicken recipe slimming world

You can use either chicken breast or chicken thighs for this recipe. I personally prefer breasts. 

The recipe serves 4, and the chicken can be served with rice or noodles. 

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Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Recipe low calorie chicken recipe slimming world

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Syn Value: 3.5 syns per portion


Getting Your Gourmet Business Off the Ground

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

The food industry has bever been as popular as it is today. In the UK alone, the food and drink sector is valued at over £100 billion. With such a vast market, you may think it is impossible to compete with established brands. However, demand for alternative products is growing, especially where trendy vegan, organic and sustainable options are provided.

Assuming you are already in production and aware of all laws and regulations, here are some tips for expanding your gourmet business.

Reach Out to Supermarkets

Food stores are an excellent starting point for assessing the viability of a product and gauging public perception. Using a product sampling agency is the best method for this. They can deliver data-driven results and analyze all aspects of a campaign.

The benefit of this is that an agency can reach out to an established supermarket on your behalf. Some agencies also offer at-home sampling options. This is an excellent method of generating word of mouth advertising and social media benefits such as free reviews and product posts.
Digital Marketing SEO

Social media is considered a part of digital marketing and is highly beneficial for accurate and honest opinions regarding products. But digital marketing is much more versatile and comprehensive than using Facebook or Twitter to promote a product.

One of the core concepts of digital marketing is search engine optimization. This is how a search engine like Google finds relevant content. And blogging about your home food business is one of the best methods of boosting SEO. As a business, you should also implement local SEO.

Attend Fayres and Markets

Like handling product samples, it might be helpful to consider attending local markets or trendy food fayres. However, unlike sampling, setting up a store in this manner is more personal for customer interaction. You can also make money while doing it.

When a customer purchases your product, you could kindly ask for their honest opinion about whether they like it, why they want it and what could be changed. This type of interaction is invaluable when accurately assessing whether your food is enjoyed or not.

Consider an Establishment

It might be the case that your food product is loved by all, and you are struggling to keep up with the demands of a weekly market. When you reach this level of demand, then it might be time to think about opening an establishment such as a deli or food store for your products.

This way, you can manufacture your product on-site with the right machinery. You can also accurately make as many batches as you require for the day to magazine earning potential for your products while creating what you need for market attendance.

Embrace Online Sales

Opening a shop or a market store is an excellent way to promote and sell your food items. You can, however, capitalize on the growing online shopping trend by offering your products on the web, and refrigerated trucks can be used for perishable items.

Selling food online is as easy as selling offline. As long as all national food manufacture laws are adhered to, there is pretty much no limit to what food you can sell over the web. You could do this using third-party sites like Amazon or set up your own e-commerce food site.

Cheesy Garlic Bread Pasta Bake Recipe | Low Calorie


Cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe low calorie

A deliciously cheesy garlic bread pasta bake thats slimming friendly and lower calorie.

Scroll down for the full recipe! 

 Is there anything more delicious than cheesy garlic bread?

 Well this recipe is designed to give you all the flavours of your favourite cheesy garlic bread in one!

This means that you can save on calories and win in flavour.

The great thing about this recipe is for it's easy to prepare and is done in under 30 minutes.

I love a good pasta dish!

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

 As with most pasta dishes, the key is to make sure that you save some of the water that the pasta is cooked in.

 Pasta water it's literally like liquid gold. Add this to any sauce that you're preparing to make it thick and glossy. 

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

 I used mozzarella cheese which means there was an amazing cheese pull when I tucked into this dish!

 Check out my Instagram reels for the cheese pull! 

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

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Things You Could Do For Your Date Nights At Home

Sometimes just going on a standard dinner date has gotten boring and it is time to spice things up and make a change. However there are only so many things you can think of and you may need some help to get some ideas and think what could be an awesome idea for a date night. Also going out on a date night might not be for some these days so all these ideas will be indoor based so you can save some money and still have a great time without having to leave your home.

If you are looking to start doing date nights or you already do and you are struggling for some great and fun indoor date night ideas then hopefully these few tips will give you some ideas for next date nights and give you some inspiration for date nights going forward.

Source: Pexels

Cook yourselselves a lovely meal together

Not only would you be saving time and money by not having to get a reservation and pay your bill but you also can spend some great time together getting some food and creating something fun for your dinner. Too many times one person will make the dinner while the other does something else and then you are only spending your date night together when you eat. By cooking it together you are going to be able to spend more time together and create a fun memory.

Watch some Tv together but change it up

Watching TV together is a simple one but try and change it up, instead of just watching your usual shows try something new or use the pick for me feature on Netflix and see what you get, that way it becomes more fun instead of just the normal sitting and watching TV. You could even watch some shows from your childhood and see if you watched the same things and learn more about each other reminiscing about watching old shows.

Get a little spicy

There is nothing more intimate than setting up a day at home and then finishing it off in the bedroom. Having a date night in the bedroom can be great fun and can really strengthen a relationship, try out new things and spice things up with sexy lingerie, and there is also plus size sexy lingerie to make sure all feel comfortable, then you can have a great date night in bed with your partner. Another way to spice things up is to start your date at a bar and make up backstories for each other, then you can date each other all over again, this can be great fun and make it something different instead of just the normal date night then you can see if you would invite your partner home or not.

If you are looking for new ideas for your date nights, maybe you have done all you can think of or you just struggle for ideas then hopefully, these few ideas will give you inspiration going forward and get you started on your date nights.

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