Cheesy Garlic Bread Pasta Bake Recipe | Low Calorie


Cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe low calorie

A deliciously cheesy garlic bread pasta bake thats slimming friendly and lower calorie.

Scroll down for the full recipe! 

 Is there anything more delicious than cheesy garlic bread?

 Well this recipe is designed to give you all the flavours of your favourite cheesy garlic bread in one!

This means that you can save on calories and win in flavour.

The great thing about this recipe is for it's easy to prepare and is done in under 30 minutes.

I love a good pasta dish!

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

 As with most pasta dishes, the key is to make sure that you save some of the water that the pasta is cooked in.

 Pasta water it's literally like liquid gold. Add this to any sauce that you're preparing to make it thick and glossy. 

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

 I used mozzarella cheese which means there was an amazing cheese pull when I tucked into this dish!

 Check out my Instagram reels for the cheese pull! 

Low Calorie cheesy garlic bread pasta bake recipe

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