The title, Easiest No-Bake Cake in the World, is not an exaggeration, that's for sure. It is also very impressive to serve, and EVERYONE wants the recipe. It's delicious, unique and SUPER EASY to make.

Before I give you the "recipe", let me just say that there really isn't a recipe. It's just homemade whipped cream, chocolate wafer cookies (chocolate graham crackers work too), and some decorations (nuts, candies, sprinkles, etc.). Then it sits in the fridge overnight. By the next day, the cookies (or graham crackers) will have softened, and they will taste just like cake !!

OK, here goes: The recipe calls for Nabisco chocolate wafer cookies, but some people have a hard time finding them (and they are expensive), that's why I'm suggesting CHOCOLATE graham crackers work equally as well (I think the chocolate graham crackers even taste better than these wafer cookies).

The recipe also calls for homemade whipping cream.  You can use Cool Whip if you have to, but it won't be as TASTY as homemade whipped cream:

3 cups heavy whipping cream
5 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla Extract

Beat these ingredients with an electric mixer (on high) until stiff peaks form, but don't over whip because it starts to taste like butter.

HINT: If you live in a hot climate, put your bowl and beaters in the freezer for 5 minutes (to cool them down) before making the whipped cream.

Now, it's time to assemble:  make 4 stacks of cookies (or chocolate graham crackers) 9 cookies high, putting some whipped cream in between each cookie, like this:

Next, lay the stacks on a serving plate next to each other (not end to end). They will want to smoosh around a little, but a very flat thin spatula will help you lift and maneuver each stack. It should look like this:

It's important to arrange them like this, so that when you serve this cake, you will be cutting ACROSS the cookies (the reason will be more obvious in the following photos.

Next cover the whole "cake" with a nice thick layer of whipped cream, like this:

Decorate (or don't decorate) the top of it with whatever you like: nuts, crushed candies, sprinkles, etc.

Cover lightly with plastic wrap and
chill overnight before you serve.
When it comes time to serve, cut the cake with a sharp, thin bladed, knife. It will slice through the softened cookies easily.
See why it's important to arrange the cookies cross wise, so when you cut it, you get this impressive design?
Store, covered, in the fridge and be prepared for recipe requests.


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