I have always used commercially roasted green chili's, but recently discovered that they are loaded with salt, so I started roasting fresh ones.

Poblano and Anaheim peppers are pretty spicy when raw, but when you roast them, they turn very mellow and delicious. They are one of those roasted veggies that you can "put in anything" and it adds just a little extra zing to any Mexican recipe. I love them in chili, tacos, rice, enchiladas, etc.

There are so many different peppers in the market these days, just make sure you look for Poblano or Anaheim (they are MUCH larger than the small spicy peppers like jalapenos).

Personally, I like Anaheim peppers because they are identical to the canned Ortega mild green chile's (in a can), but of course they taste better because they are fresh.

Poblano peppers are DARK green and shiny
Anaheim Peppers are lighter green

First, wash and dry the peppers, then put them under the broiler about 3" under the flame, on high. This not only cooks the peppers, but it chars the outer thin skin so it can be EASILY peeled off.  Turn the peppers every 2 or 3 minutes until they look blistered and dark on all sides. Total time under the broiler depends on how big the peppers are, but normally about 10 minutes total.


Peppers will have big black blisters on them (which is what you want). Immediately put them in a plastic bag (or in a bowl with tight fitting lid) and let them sit undisturbed for 15-20 minutes. This steams the outer skin and makes it easy to peel right off.

Remove from the plastic bag and you will be able to pull off the THIN wrinkled skin of the pepper, almost in one big piece. Some people like to leave little bits of charred skin on the pepper, it's your choice. 

The skin of these peppers is very thin, like this, and it will slip right off of the cooked pepper.

After you peel the skins off, pull out the stem and slit the pepper open. Pull out the seeds and any veins (it just takes a second. It's OK if you leave in a few seeds.

Cut the cooked and cleaned pepper into pieces.


They are ready to use in any recipe you like!! You will need to cook and dice 1-2 peppers to get the same amount of "ready to use" cooked peppers that usually comes in the Ortega can.

The cooked peppers stay good in your fridge for 3-4 days and do very well in the freezer for up to 3 months.


Some people char their peppers right on the open flame of their gas range. I have an electric oven, so I use this broiler method.

Canned Ortega green chile's have a LOT of salt in them, so this is a healthy alternative for those of us watching salt intake.

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