Garlic Potato Pancakes

Looking for another way to eat those mashed potatoes?

These Garlic Potato Pancakes are delicious and make the mashed potato fueling even yummier and a little bit more exciting! They are slightly crispy on the outside, but still has the soft creamy texture of mashed potatoes on the inside.

I added 1/4 cup of reduced fat cheese, but it isn't necessary. I just happen to think cheese makes everything better! You could also add 1 tbsp of Kraft reduced fat grated parmesan cheese (1/2 Condiment) if you are looking to jazz it up without using your Lean. Both ways are delicious!

When you combine the ingredients, it will look runny. Don't worry! It will thicken up! Just let it sit for 5 minutes. Pour the mixture in the skillet and enjoy these yummy potato pancakes!

Garlic Potato Pancakes

1 Garlic Mashed Potatoes (1 Fueling)
1/4 tsp baking powder (1/2 Condiment)
1/4 cup reduced fat cheese, optional (1/4 Lean)
1/2 cup water

Combine mashed potatoes, baking powder, water and cheese.
Let stand for 5 minutes so mixture can thicken up.
Lightly spray a cast iron skillet with cooking spray.
Heat skillet over medium heat.
Spoon mixture onto skillet forming two pancakes.
Cook for a few minutes and then flip the pancakes to cook the other side.
Serve with a tbsp of reduced sugar ketchup or 2 tbsp sour cream!

Makes 1 Serving
Each serving provides
1 Fueling, 1/2 Condiment, and 1/4 Lean (if using cheese)

Additional Condiments:
1 tbsp Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup is 1 Condiment
1 tbsp sour cream ~ regular or light (1 Condiment)
2 tbsp sour cream is 1 Healthy Fat


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