This recipe is just way too much fun. No, they aren't like Lay's Potato Chips, but they ARE very tasty and there are a million variations!!

You can season these chips with just kosher salt (like I did) or hit them with BBQ seasonings or whatever seasoning hits your fancy, get creative!!

The first step is to slice a potato VERY THIN. A mandoline slicer would work well here, but I don't have one, so I just sliced them as thin as I could (with my sharpest knife).

Spray a glass (microwave safe) plate (I used a glass pie plate) with cooking spray and arrange the potato slices next to each other (not overlapping). Spray with a little more cooking spray and then sprinkle with kosher salt (or favorite seasoning + salt).

The length of time you microwave the slices will depend on how thick you cut the potatoes plus how strong your microwave is (aim for 5 to 7 minutes). I have a 900 watt microwave and the chips were nice and crispy at 6 minutes. FLIP THE SLICES OVER HALF WAY THROUGH THE COOK TIME.


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