Tips to survive working from home

My tips for working from home for the first time during Corona/COVID-19

If you're reading this post, chances are that you are new to working from home. As I write this, the UK, and most of the world, is currently on lockdown due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, many people are working from home when they probably would never have done so before!

Working from home always seems like a dream scenario, but unless you know exactly how to handle it, it can be pretty lonely and isolating.

While I can't say I have experience in knowing how to handle a global pandemic and being in a lockdown, I do have experience working from home. At first, I did a lot of things wrong and found it had a really negative impact on my mental wellbeing.

I've put these tips together to help you avoid making some of the mistakes I made when I first started!

Try and establish a separate workspace 

Where possible try and work somewhere completely different than where you relax in the evening. If you have a laptop, you have the luxury of moving it around.

It can be a lot harder to switch off from work if you are sat working from your lap on your sofa.

If it is not possible to establish a separate area, ensure that you pack everything away fully when you have finished working so that there is a clear difference between work time and chill time.

Maintain a routine

It is important to still have some kind of routine when home working. You may be saving time in the morning travelling to your workplace, so make sure that you still take this time to get up, and get yourself ready for the day.

Have breakfast, have your coffee, take a moment to yourself.

Set out your daily working hours and try and stick to that timeframe each day. Everyone's jobs are different, so you may or may not have a clear structure to work to.

Get dressed, brush your hair, do your make up!

This is a point that is really important, and one I found helped me hugely. It can be so easy to slip into working in your PJs, not needing to get dressed or get ready. I very often would lay in bed working on my laptop.

It's surprising how much getting properly ready to work prepares your mind for the day. I am someone that wears makeup every day when I am going out and about, so why would I stop this just because I am working from home?

I wear makeup to help me feel good, and I want to continue to feel good working from home.

When you finish working, you get to take your make up off, have a shower, and wash away the day, helping you to relax in your free time.

Take regular breaks

I found I got so sucked into working sometimes that I didn't take regular breaks. Even if it is just a quick walk to the kitchen to grab a drink, take a moment to have a breather.

This is especially important if you work looking at a laptop or computer all day.

Keep in contact with others

If you usually work alone, take care to keep in contact with friends or family as well. This time can be especially isolating, so it is important to maintain some social contact while we're not allowed to actually have any physical social contact!

There are loads of video calling apps like Zoom or Houseparty which you could try.

Try not to eat when you're bored

When you're at home you have access to ALL the food that you own, which makes mindless snacking even easier and more diverse! 

When I was working from home I made myself a packed lunch every day, and would only eat from this- just like I would if I was in the office.

We need to try and get our food to last as long as possible, after all!

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