Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

This is a tried and true recipe that is so easy to make! Enjoy it as a quick weeknight meal or at your next potluck or gathering! It has loads of flavor, yet it is only made with three ingredients! Say what? 

That's right! Only three ingredients! Chicken, root beer, and of course your favorite BBQ sauce! My personal favorite is G Hughes Carolina Sweet Heat! It is sugar free, low in calories, only 1 g of carbs for 2 tbsp and it tastes so delicious! Hallelujah!

Throw the chicken, root beer, and a 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce in the slow cooker and let it work it's magic. You can also use Dr. Pepper or Coke, but I prefer good old fashioned root beer. Drain some of the liquid from the chicken if you prefer, but I like to keep some to keep it more saucy. Then it's off to shredville using two forks! Add 1 cup more of BBQ sauce and give it a good stir. Then enjoy it with your favorite veggies and one additional healthy fat to make a complete Lean and Green meal. 

My favorite way to eat my Greens with only a healthy fat available and no condiments is to use an approved dressing for flavor. This could be a yummy salad using a variety of veggies with your favorite dressing. I absolutely love ranch and ranch is pretty awesome with BBQ flavors! You could also use a vinaigrette such as Italian or balsamic dressing as a marinade for an assortment of veggies such as yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. Let them marinade for about 30 min or longer for extra flavor and then toss them on the grill, roast them in the oven or cook them in an air fryer.

Can you freeze this recipe? You sure can! Allow the chicken to cool to room temperature. Pack in a freezable Ziploc bag making sure to flatten the bag and remove the air as much as possible. Label the bag with the name and date. Then store it in the freezer for up until 3 months! When you are ready to eat it, thaw in the fridge the night before and reheat. I hope you enjoy this simple family friendly meal!

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

2 lbs boneless, skinless, chicken breasts (4 Leaner)
1 cup diet root beer
1 1/2 cups G Hughes Carolina Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce, divided
(12 Condiments) *

Place chicken at the bottom of a slow cooker.
Whisk together root beer and 1/2 cup bbq sauce in a bowl.
Pour bbq mixture over chicken and toss to coat.
Cook on Low 6 to 7 hrs or on High 3 to 4 hours.
During the last 20 min of cooking, drain some of the liquid.
I like to keep some of the liquid to make it more saucy.
Then shred the chicken with two forks.
Add 1 cup bbq sauce to the chicken, stirring until combined. Continue cooking for 20 min. Enjoy!

Makes 4 Servings
Each serving provides
1 Leaner and 3 Condiments
Add 3 Greens and 1 Healthy Fat to complete your Lean and Green meal such as 3 cups mixed greens and 2 tbsp of an approved salad dressing.

* The Carolina Sweet Heat flavor is the only G Hughes BBQ sauce that is just 1 Condiment for 2 tbsp. All the other flavors are 1 Condiment for 1 tbsp. If using another flavor, add 1/4 cup bbq sauce with the root beer and use an additional 1/2 cup to stir in at the end, a total of 3/4 cup.


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