Iberian Ham Masterclass | Gifted

*I was gifted the class and samples, however all thoughts are honest and my own*

Have you heard of Iberian ham? Iberian Ham is produced from black Iberico pigs using traditional and time-honoured methods.

This unique culinary gem is characterised by its beautiful ruby red colour meaning the meat is oily and tender, giving it the delicious melt-in the mouth flavour. 

The #HamPassionTour, has been set up by Iberian hams from Spain and the European Union to help promote this wonderful ham. I was invited to experience the masterclass which was being held at the University of West London via Zoom. 

Iberian Ham is known for being the most expensive and premium ham and it is prized by top chefs and food lovers around the world for its high-quality and distinct flavour.

It is created within a sustainable production model, where food safety, animal welfare, traceability and environmental sustainability are fundamental factors.

Last year 7 million Iberian hams were produced. The hams are left to cure for 3-4 years in drying chambers, which helps create this distinctive flavour.

You may have seen a whole leg of ham displayed in top restaurants, where the ham is sliced off to serve. It is an amazing centrepiece at the table, as well as extremely delicious.

We were shown how to correctly cut the leg down to slice the perfect ham by a master carver. We were also shown the correct way to how to correctly plate ham. 

I was sent some precut ham, which is good as the master carver made it look very easy, but I don't think I would be very good at cutting it myself!

The ham is absolutely delicious, and perfect to enjoy on a night in at home. 

The masterclass was very enjoyable and I will certainly enjoy my Iberian ham.


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