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Ingredients ‚ 6 small bunches collard greens ‚ 1 extra large smoked ham hock make clear it is meaty! ‚ 2 tbsp granulated sugar ‚ 1 tbsp bacon grease‚  These valid Southern Collard Greens are braised in a appetizing meat flavored and perfectly spiced pot liquor resulting in an amazing yearning silky texture!!! benefits following this cornbread or corn muffins and hot sauce for a authentic alongside home meal. Looking for the authenticated deal? This is a genuine Southerners dream!  If you love these, afterward check out my Creamed Spinach and Mustard Greens recipe!  Check out my web version here!

This Collard Greens recipe is a wave to not only my childhood but to on the subject of the complete supplementary further southerner. Ive watched the hands that groomed and raised me make collard greens for decades, and the entire process was always so magical.  Thats exactly why I included my Big Mama (grandmothers) and my mamas hands in this make known showing you how to make them too.   The lineage and love similar taking into consideration making greens for your intimates is something that can never be replaced.

We just love our greens, whether they be turnip, mustard, or collard. Just just about every part of southerner has a personal favorite and later such unique, individual flavors I dont blame them.  This is genuine Southern Cooking at its finest.

In my opinion, traditional southern collard greens are the most popular rendition of this dish. The aroma of collard greens cooking regarding the stove fills your land house like the astounding smells of timeless southern cuisine. every single one bite is a genuine comfort to your soul.

Collard greens are what I would find the staple green vegetable of the south. They belong to the Brassica oleracea plant species bearing in mind most green vegetables including cabbage (link to cabbage rolls), spinach and kale.

They are manageable all year round next a peak season in the winter and at the forefront spring. My mother has always picked and prepared greens all year round but there is something quite special very nearly grabbing them later than they are in season.

To pick wonderful greens at your local grocery accrual or farmers market, be clear to pay oppressive attention to the leaves. They shouldnt be too tough. You deficiency dearth to make distinct that the leaves are easy to glamor away from the stem and tear/cut innovative similar to preparing them to cook.

The most crucial step in making this recipe is getting those greens super clean. Greens can be certainly sandy, so you must adhere to these steps:

This process must be finished over and more than and greater than again. My mother believes in washing greens until you dont see any grit left in the water in your sink. We next to use the deepest sink bowl simple in the house so if this means washing greens in your homes laundry room, so be it! Just make Definite you clean the sink out first in front adding them. This will attain the greens to both achieve a better texture and soak in more flavor.

This is a personal choice for most people.  In my family, we believe in removing the stems and desertion mostly just greens to cook.  However there are several that love the stems because of its major nutritional value.

An easy way to remove the stems is to withhold a leaf by the decline of the stem similar to one hand and slide the hand the length of all along the stem, tearing away the leaf as you continue to cut.

There are several ways to cook collard greens; however, the Southern technique is quite different. While you can make an Easy Collard Greens Recipe by just adding the greens to a saute pan subsequent to some olive oil and cooking until they just begin to tenderize, Soul Food Collard Greens require quite some become old to braise.

A couple hours of cooking makes the collard greens pining and going on for silky, but they still have substance. They braise just taking into consideration rapid ribs would: low and slow greater than heat.

The braising makes not single-handedly the greens pining and pull apart soft, it moreover then develops the flavored pot likker that soul food greens are truly known for.

These greens are simmered away in a flourishing broth that develops called Pot Likker. In what the internet would term Black Folks Collard Greens, Pot likker (or pot liquor) is the broth that becomes infused afterward the flavors in this recipe past vivacious onions, garlic, and that smokey, salty ham hock (or turkey for you non-pork eaters).

Nothing else tastes quite taking into consideration the intensely deeply concentrated, full flavored Pot Likker. I swear, you could drink it by the glass full. Lots of people use this pot likker to heavens supplementary further recipes or even make soups.

With the supplement of apple cider vinegar along like red pepper flakes to my soul food collard greens recipe, these spicy collard greens really have some kick! Theres no want of expose here.

Its simple, vivacious ingredients that develop some of the best collard greens youll ever have. I could wolf them next to by the bowlful, and Im determined you will too. behind finished, these greens make a definite side to any meat or can be eaten just about their own like cornbread.

This recipe is in reality here to abet as a guide for you. You can make substitutions to make this recipe more to your personal liking. A lot of southerners love bacon in their greens that can be added in place of ham hock if that isnt your thing.

Also, later a gigantic vegan occupation happening (my brother has become a gigantic part of this), I attain that many would love to have the taste of Soul Food Collard Greens without the meat.

This recipe can easily be adapted by removing the ham hock and bacon grease. Because the pot liquor has anything from apple cider vinegar to garlic and paprika, you can suitably accumulate collard greens, mount up garlic, accumulate onion and hot peppers and even liquid smoke and the flavors will still be incredible. I bargain you wont miss the meat at all.

You can after that replace the ham hock in this recipe later than smoked turkey easily.  It is in reality your out of the ordinary later than making this recipe your own.  You will follow the same steps in the recipe and just replace the meat in imitation of smoked turkey wings instead.  Again, make sure this is a meaty selection before it will appearance your entire batch of greens.

Finally you can growth greens in the refrigerator in a covered container for up to 4-5 days but if you want to make them at a forward-thinking time, freezing is best. We package lots of greens by placing them along considering the pot liquor in freezer bags allowing all ventilate let breathe to leave suddenly after that freezing. You can money these bags of greens for months at a time.

Simply thaw them out for a couple of hours and subsequently next cook greater than medium low heat to bring occurring to temperature to enjoy them bearing in mind again.

Want some Southern recipes or famous Soul Food recipes to benefits your Collard Greens with?  Make distinct you pair them when the following:

Best collards I have ever had! single-handedly regulate I made was upfront I did anything else, I fried a couple pieces of country ham in the buildup pot (instead of using the ham hock) and broke the crispy ham going on in the pot to saut later the onions and garlic.

Awesome recipe! I couldnt pull off ham hocks so I used smoked pig tails instead. I used chicken broth for the pinnacle off. I as a consequence didnt culmination off all the exaggeration to cover the greens similar to I added them. Instead, I added half pretentiousness and put the lid a propos for 10 mins and after that topped off after the greens cooked alongside a bit. It saved a lot of boiling alongside at the fall which would have negatively affected the greens. Regardless, these collards were SOOOO good!

The seasoned salt makes this dish pop. Trust me I know because Im a food guru and love to cook collard greens.. The unaccompanied thing with seasoned salt, especially Lawrys, is that it has msg in it. I strongly advise to stay away from it. If you target it without the seasoned salt, it will taste categorically different. But thats the salt to use to cheat for a tastier dish. Also, I dont prefer ham hock, but smocked neckbone, in addition to affable once okra soup and lime beans. Trust Im not here to discourage anyone, but Im no msg fan.

I could not announce a ham hock anywhere, so I used additional supplementary thick cut bacon. MAN OH MAN my greens came out soooo good!!! Im not clear which item further made the difference, but these were the best collards I have ever made. THANK YOU!

Balsamic Collard Greens Recipe | MyRecipes

Kickin' Collard Greens Recipe | Allrecipes

If you next greens you will love this recipe. The bacon and onions manage to pay for them a astounding flavor. accumulate more red pepper for a little more spice.

The BEST Collard Greens Recipe | Southern & Flavorful in the manner of Video

Collard greens are a supporter of the cabbage family. This is easy to make aware from the same thesame smell of them cooking. past in the past they do not form a compact‚ 

Quick Collard Greens Recipe - Cookie and Kate

To prepare the collards: Cut out the thick center rib out of each collard green. Stack the rib-less greens and roll them up into a cigar-like shape. Slice over‚ 

Southern-Style Collard Greens

Ingredients ‚ 12 hickory-smoked bacon slices, finely chopped ‚ 2 medium-size sweet onions, finely chopped ‚ ‚ pound smoked ham, chopped ‚ 6 garlic cloves, finely‚ 

Best Collard Greens Recipe

How to Prepare Collard Greens To prepare, cut away the tough stem and slice the greens into thick ribbons. Cook the greens in wealth of fat until they are‚ 

Southern Style Collard Greens - helpfully Recipes

Ingredients ‚ 2 tablespoons bacon fat, lard, or vegetable oil ‚ 1 medium onion, sliced from root to tip ‚ 1 ham hock ‚ 2 garlic cloves, smashed ‚ 4 cups chicken‚ 

Southern Collard Greens Recipe - The Seasoned Mom

23 Des 2021 How to Cook Collard Greens ‚ Cook the bacon in a large stockpot or Dutch oven greater than medium heat for 10-12 minutes (or until all but crisp). ‚ Add‚ 

Collard Greens Recipe | Sandra Lee | Food Network

To the skillet in imitation of the bacon and onions, ensue the garlic and red pepper flakes, brown sugar, cider vinegar, salt and pepper, to taste. amass the greens, excite and‚ 

Southern-Style Collard Greens Recipe | MyRecipes

Ingredients ‚ 12 hickory-smoked bacon slices, finely chopped ‚ 2 medium-size sweet onions, finely chopped ‚ ‚ pound smoked ham, chopped ‚ 6 garlic cloves, finely‚  collard greens recipes
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