Lotus Biscoff Iced Coffee Frappucino | Slimming Friendly

Lotus Biscoff Iced Coffee Frappucino | Slimming Friendly

I am literally obsessed with anything Lotus Biscoff at the moment. If you haven't tried them, they are those delicious little biscuits that you often get served with a coffee. 

There is also a Biscoff spread with tastes just like the little biscuits, it is SO good! This isn't a sponsored post by the way, I just genuinely love this stuff!

My Lotus Biscoff Truffles are very popular, so I wanted to try something else. 

I personally like iced coffee much more than hot coffee, and this is one of my favourite iced coffee flavours. 

For this you will need a decent blender to mix it all up with the ice to get a decent flavour. 


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Lotus Biscoff Iced Coffee Frappucino Recipe

Lotus Biscoff Iced Coffee Frappucino | Slimming Friendly

Extra Easy Syn Value: 3.5 syns

Healthy Extras: 1 x A


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