5 Dishes you Definitely Shouldn't Eat on a First Date

A First Date is Always Exciting and Enjoyable

Everyone is aware of the fact that first dates are always pleasant and truly exciting, bringing positive emotions. However, there are some things that can totally ruin your first date such as eating the wrong food. Some dishes can cause you a stomach disorder and embarrass you in front of your partner. That is why you need to be familiar with these meals, and avoid consuming them on or before your first date with someone special. Today, one of the most popular ways to quickly meet and flirt are dating sites. When studying fast flirting usa coaches came to the conclusion that the following products are not suitable for dating. Let’s start with the most inappropriate foodstuffs for a first date.

Unsuitable Products for a First Date 

Unfortunately, some products might cause the failure of your date, so you need to be careful with them. Not only will you feel so bad physically, but the reaction of your body will lower your self-esteem and make you feel ashamed. Therefore, you might pay attention to what you are eating even if you are having such a good time while doing it with your partner. These are among the most unsuitable products for your first date:

Tacos and Burritos 

Undoubtedly, tacos and burritos are a favorite food of many people around the world. But they can also lead to very unpleasant consequences. As we all know, they are so spicy that they can basically burn your mouth. It will surely not remain unnoticed by your date, so you probably do not want to risk it. Besides, it is possible for you to start kissing on your first date. Imagine what bad breath you might have if you consume tacos and burritos right before your kiss. Your partner might feel so disgusted that they may end the date and never call you again. If you do not want to push away someone you really like, you’d better avoid eating tacos and burritos on your first date.


In many countries, you may notice lots of people selling boiled corn on the street. It is so delicious, for sure, but do you think it is the best option for a first date? Definitely no! Corn is healthy and yummy but if you consume more of it, it can irritate your stomach and have negative effects on your overall well-being. Imagine what your partner will think if your romantic walk is ruined by something like that. And even if it does not cause you stomach disorder, it will certainly get stuck in your teeth. We all have seen movies where something like that happens and it is not pleasant at all. Just save yourself this embarrassment, and do not eat corn while you are out on a first date.

Allergic Seafood 

Another thing you should definitely avoid eating on a first date is seafood. It can cause you allergic reactions or food poisoning in a short time. Seafood must be fresh and always requires special processing. Unfortunately, that is not something every restaurant can achieve. We are not talking about embarrassment here, seafood might cause more serious poisoning and other conditions, so it is not worth ruining your day or evening because of that and make your partner worried about you.


And here we come to the well-known and delicious beans. Perhaps, everyone knows they can also cause stomach disorder and lead to meteorism, which is an unpleasant and embarrassing condition. Not only should you not eat beans on your first date, but you should not consume it a couple of hours before the date as well. You’d better eat something lighter like a salad.


Hamburgers are among the favorite food of the majority of people. Young or old, everyone enjoys a hamburger from time to time. But it is also not a good idea to eat them on your first date with someone special for you. They are so heavy and if you overeat with them, they can totally kill your mood. Moreover, you might not have a good breath right after consuming them, so you can push away your date when you kiss.

Eating Food on the First Date Brings People Closer 

It is no secret eating food with someone is quite enjoyable, it can easily bring you closer to one another. That is why people love going to restaurants and other places where food is served on their first dates. However, no matter how tempted you are by the meals offered, you should remember the “forbidden” products, the ones that might have certain negative effects on your stomach and breath, and embarrass you in front of your date. Strive not to overeat because it might feel sick and make the wrong impression.

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