Meat Free Slimming Friendly Meal Plan

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The key to keeping on plan and on track, for me, is to make and stick to a meal plan. Sure, it can take time, but in the long run it saves so much time during the week.

There's nothing worse than coming home from work and having to work out what to have for dinner and how many calories or diet points you have left etc.

I have put together meal plans for Iceland and Tesco and Asda, and one of the most popular ones I put together was for Aldi.

A lot of you have requested a Meat Free Meal Plan, so I have finally put one together for you! While this plan isn't for a specific store, you can literally use it anywhere you like!

Don't like any of the recipes? Have a look at my full recipe index for more ideas!

Meat Free Slimming Friendly Meal Plan

Syn calculations are my own and should always be checked via the Slimming World website or app.

This website is unofficial and in no way part of or representative of Slimming World. Ideally, you should check with Slimming world for the most up to date Syn values using official resources such as; the Syns calculator, Syns Online on LifelineOnline or by calling the Syns Hotline on (0906) 851 8518.

Some of the meals have recipes, and some are so simple that a recipe isn't needed!

Don't like the sound of any meals? I have loads of others to choose from! Just click 'Slimming Meals' at the top of the page.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg on 1 slice of wholemeal toast with Spinach. Just add some spinach leaves in with the egg when you are scrambling them! (Syn free & HEb)

Lunch: Jacket potato with cheese and beans ( Syn Free &1 HEa)

Dinner: Creamy Mushroom Pasta (2 syns & 1HEa)

Total Syns: 2 syns 

Healthy Extras: 1 x HEb, 2x HEa


Breakfast: Mango, blueberries and fat free yogurt. (Syn free)

Lunch: Baked Beans on a slice of wholemeal toast with cheese (Syn free + HEb 1x HEa)

Dinner: Crustless Quiche Add 3 eggs, some sliced tomatoes, bit of salt, pepper and chilli flakes and bake until it is cooked. Top with 40g cheese. Serve with loads of salad. (Syn free + HEa)

Total Syns: None 

Healthy Extras: 1 x HEb, 2x HEa 


Breakfast: Fried garlic mushrooms on 1 slice of wholemeal toast Fry off your mushrooms in low calorie cooking spray and crushed fresh garlic. (Syn free & HEb) 

Lunch: Vegetable soup Use any vegetable soup vegetable mix with some stock, boil as per pack instructions. Blend to get the consistency you want! (Syn free) 

Dinner: Mac & Cheese (Syn Free)

Total Syns: 5 syns 

Healthy Extras: 1 x HEb (don't forget your 2 healthy extra A!)


Breakfast: Overnight oat with fruit. Add 40g of porridge oats with your mango, blueberries and fat free yogurt, cover and leave in the fridge over night. (Syn free & HEb)

Lunch: Leftover vegetable soup (Syn free) 

Dinner: Creamy Pesto Pasta & Salad (Syn Free)

Total Syns: None

Healthy Extras: 1 x HEb (don't forget your 2 healthy extra A!)


Breakfast: Egg in hole Click to see the full recipe (Syn free & HEb) 

Lunch: Vegetable Cous Cous (Syn free)

Dinner: Meat-free fry up- Just cook up some mushrooms, tomatoes, hashbrowns, beans and veggie sausage (3 syns depending on sausages used)

Total Syns: Syn Free 

Healthy Extras: 1 x HEb (don't forget your 2 healthy extra A!)


Breakfast: Baked Oats & Fruit Click to see the full recipe, and use the rest of your blueberries and mango! (Syn free & HEb)

Lunch: Leftover Vegetable Cous Cous  (Syn free)

Dinner: BBQ Mac & Cheese (2 syns & 2 x HEa)

Total Syns: 2

Healthy Extras: 1x HEa 1x HEb (don't forget your 2nd healthy extra A!)


Breakfast: Lotus Biscoff Baked Oats (Syn free + HEb)

Lunch: Greek Pasta Salad (Syn free) 

Dinner: Spinach & Feta parcels, with salad and boiled new potatoes (5 syns)

Total Syns: Syn free 

Healthy Extras:1 A & B


Nutritional calculations are all carried by Sugar Pink Food and are for guidance only. I am no affiliated with Slimming World. These are the plans I have followed myself.

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