Sticky BBQ Dirty Rice Recipe | Low Calorie Slimming Friendly Fakeaway Recipe

Sticky BBQ Dirty Rice Recipe | Low Calorie Slimming Friendlyfajeaway recipe

A delicious 'dirty rice' recipe that is vegetarian, low calorie and slimming friendly. Bursting with BBQ flavours.

I feel like I have said this before, and will probably say it again. This is one of those meals where I didn't have much food in, but wanted to make something tasty from scratch. 

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I wasn't planning on writing up this proper recipe for it, but it tasted sooo good! I put a picture on my Insta stories, and LOADS of you requested the full recipe. 

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Sticky BBQ Dirty Rice Recipe | Low Calorie Slimming Friendly

I have a few Dirty Rice recipes which I know you all love, so this is an veggie version of the classics. 

The term 'Dirty Rice; may not sound that appealing, but it gets it's name because the rice changes colour when it soaks up all the flavours of the dish. 

Sorry if these photos aren't the best, I was hungry and it smelt so good that I had to tuck in!

This is a great weeknight meal as you can throw it all in the one pan. 

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