A Birthday Gift Guide For Your Teenage Daughter

*This is q collaborative piece* 

Raising a teenager is a lot of hard work as their moods can change at a moment’s notice! This also makes it near enough impossible to know what to buy them for their birthday. Teenage girls are especially guilty of flip-flopping between different trends all the time. Plus, when your daughter is 14/15, they’re in that awkward stage where they’re still very much a child in your eyes, yet they want to have adult tastes. All in all, it’s super challenging to find the right presents! 

So, here is my latest gift guide to help you buy some presents for your teenage daughter that won’t be met with a large scowl:


This is a safe bet as most teenagers like jewellery of some kind. If your daughter likes rings or necklaces, then have a look at their current collection to gauge their tastes. If they have piercings, that makes you like so much easier! Find a piercing shop and look for earrings or other studs that they might like. The key is to sneakily analyse their current jewellery collection to be sure you buy something that aligns with their current tastes. You might end up surprising them with how good your choice is!

A spa day

Obviously, this gift idea isn’t going to work at the minute. I’m not sure about the current lockdown rules surrounding spas, but I’d have to guess they’re not open yet. Anyway, a spa day is still a wonderful gift idea as it gives them a chance to relax and be pampered. Who doesn’t enjoy this? My advice is to buy them two coupons or tickets for a spa day. This way, you can go with them, but you also give them the option to take a friend instead. Now, they can have a lovely mother-daughter day out or a spa day with a friend. Either way, this gift is sure to be appreciated. 


Again, this is a safe option as your daughter will probably use makeup all the time. The same rules apply here - look at their makeup collection to see their tastes. You don’t need me to tell you that most brands are very expensive. So, your daughter will probably appreciate you buying a new foundation or another essential makeup item. Or, an eyeshadow palette, some new brushes - anything makeup related will go down a treat.


Yes, it’s a boring gift, but one that never goes wrong. If you are genuinely stumped and worried about buying something your teenage daughter will hate, give them money instead. Now, they can buy something they’ll actually enjoy, or save the money if they’re looking to buy something in the future. This is where money becomes an excellent birthday present - if your daughter is saving up, they’ll really appreciate it!

Teens are never easy to buy for, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas. You have four options here, so one of them is bound to please your teenage daughter. If they don’t, well, you’ll have to get used to a few years of gifts going unappreciated. It’s not ideal, but most parents have to deal with it!


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