Easy ways to experience other food cultures

When it comes to food, people love to try something a bit different. As you will see, all areas of the food industry are recognizing and responding to this fact. Over the past few years, they have come up with new and innovative ways to introduce yourself to a cuisine you have not tried before. Here is our roundup of the best of them.

Cook at home kits

People like to cook, but, understandably, they are always looking for ways to make things easier for themselves. Food kits are a fantastic way to do this. It is possible to cook an authentic Malaysian chicken curry in around 30 minutes using just 3 basic ingredients and a cooking kit. 
These types of kits are becoming increasingly available in large supermarkets and, often, can also be bought online. So, there is no need to spend time going from aisle to aisle to find all those special ingredients. Plus, there is no waste. You simply open the sachets and pour them into the pan. It could not be simpler. The fact that you are not left with half a dozen partially used spice bottles and fresh ingredients also keeps the cost down.
Even better, increasingly, private individuals are getting involved in the cooking kit industry. These cooks, some of whom are not professionals, are very keen to share their family´s authentic food with as many people as possible. They do not want the years of experience it took to hone and perfect those family recipes to go to waste. It brings them great joy to know that someone else can enjoy their granny’s (or great granny’s) special dishes.

Street food

Starting a restaurant business is incredibly expensive. As a result, doing so is beyond the reach of most people. Selling from a food truck or stall is a far more affordable option. The start-up costs are a fraction of what it costs to equip a full kitchen. 
In many countries, street food culture is growing in popularity. The bigger the immigrant population is the more varied the food that is available on its streets tends to be. Selling from a stall is a fantastic way for people to share the recipes they have been enjoying for generations with others. Of course, not every dish lends itself to being served on the street. For some meals, you will need a knife and fork. But, as you can see here, there are many, many dishes that you can eat on the go.

Eat in other people’s homes

Increasingly, people are opening their homes and cooking for strangers. In the past, this only happened in tourist hotspots. But, gradually, this way of using cooking skills to make a little extra money on the side is becoming popular everywhere. Using the internet, these home cooks can reach a far bigger audience. 
Once the coronavirus crisis has passed it will once again become easier to experience and enjoy the cuisines of different cultures. Once again, we will be able to travel and eat local food while we are away. As well as go to street markets and enter other people’s homes without restrictions.

*This is a collaborative post*

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