The Wine List

I love wine, but I must admit that I can't claim to know a lot about it. I know what I like, and I stick to it!

The best way to learn about wine is through discovery – new grapes, regions, and winemakers. It isn't always easy to get out there and discover for yourself though, especially if you don't have the knowledge. 

That's where The Wine List comes in. The Wine List is a way to discover wine, and develop your skills at the same time, all from the comfort of your own home.

Every month, they teach you one Wine Principle, how the wine is made, broken into bitesize chunks. 

Each month you a sent a package which includes the following:

1. Wine Roots
A monthly wine course: learn the principles, which you can then apply to every bottle of wine you drink.

2. Two delicious bottles
Two bottles of wine directly from winemakers. Small producers, sustainably made. Fantastic to learn from.

3. Tasting cards
Peaches, elderflower, lemons, acidity, it's easy to forget the wine words. That's why the tasting cards are there to jog your memory and help you expand your palate.

The information provided with the wine was very informative, and both bottles were absolutely delicious. 

I received a red and a white, and enjoyed every drop, especially with my new found knowledge!

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