Fun Ways To Treat Your Partner Over Christmas

Looking for a way to treat your partner over Christmas? Below are a few great gift ideas and romantic gestures for showing your partner that you care.

Look into bespoke gifts

Personalising a gift can help to make it more individual and more thoughtful than something picked off the shelf. There are thousands of companies out there on the web that offer bespoke gift services that you can look into. A few bespoke gift ideas that you could look into include:

  • Jewellery with a personalised engraving on it.
  • A leather wallet or a purse with a personalised stitched message on it.
  • A chocolate plaque with a personalised iced message on it.
  • A personalised mug with a photo or message on it.
  • Socks with a photograph of your face printed on (for something a little less serious).

Craft your own gift

For a personalised gift that’s even more meaningful, why not consider crafting your own gift? This doesn’t necessarily have to be hand-crafted jewellery or an oil painting of your partner - there could be much easier home-made gift ideas to look into. These could include:

  • A photo collage of the two of you or a photo album telling a story of your relationship
  • A hand painted mug (it doesn’t matter how good the painting is)
  • Home-made bath bombs (you could find easy bath bomb recipes here)

Send surprise flowers

If your partner is working over the Christmas period, you could send flowers to their workplace as a way of cheering them up. There are florist sites that allow you to pick out your own bouquet and then send to an address of your choosing on a specific date. Many sites may not allow you to send flowers on Christmas day itself - but it could still be a great small extra gift for sending on Boxing Day or New Year’s day if your partner is working on these days.

Cook a surprise meal

Over the Christmas period, you could also consider throwing a surprise romantic meal for your partner. This could be particularly meaningful if you’re not the one that usually cooks. You could plan to cook it while they are at work and set the scene with some festive-scented candles. Just make sure that they’re not likely to have eaten already.

Plan a surprise day out

Due to the pandemic, there are unfortunately not as many activities available over the Christmas period this year. However, there is still stuff out there to do, which could be ideal for a surprise day out. A few ideas could include:
  • A winter trip to the beach (depending on country tier restrictions of course)
  • A winter picnic in the park
  • A day out at the zoo (many zoos are still open)
  • Ice skating (there are some ice rinks open)
  • A drive in cinema event

Realise that the weather may not always be suited to outdoor activities - it could be worth having a backup ‘day-in’ plan just in case.


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