Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe | Slimming Friendly

Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe slimming world low syn

A Yorkshire pudding wrap stuffed with beef, that's Slimming friendly and perfect for dipping in gravy!

This is something that I have wanted to try out for ages now, and I finally did it! I think that Yorkshire puddings are one of the best parts of a roast dinner, so any excuse to consume some I will take!!

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The beauty of this recipe is that you can use up any leftover meat and veggies from your Sunday roast, or just make it fresh to get your Yorkie fix!

I have tried to make Yorkshire puddings so many times, and lower fat ones are much harder to make.

Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe slimming world low syn

The trick to getting perfect Yorkshire puddings is to leave the batter for as long as you possibly can before you cook with it. I make mine up the day before!

Then, get the pan as hot as possible before adding in the batter mix.

Also, don't open the oven door until it's fully cooked, otherwise, it will sink!

Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe slimming world low syn

You can also have a play around with what you put in your wrap. You don't have to stick to beef, things like chicken and stuffing would be amazing, or you could just have veggies if you don't want the meat.

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Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap Recipe

Serves 2

Extra Easy Syn Value:  3.5 syns per half

Healthy Extras:  None


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